The Corrupted Wish Game

you WISH you could resist this

Corrupted Wish, the Game that NEVER ends!
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1. as the title of the entry put the wish at the end of the last entry.
2. Grant it.
3. With consequences.
4. At the end of that put your own wish.
5. Pat yourself on the back at a job well done.

Well this here community is a little thing we like to call "Corrupted Wish". It was stolen straight off the Tally Hall message boards and altered into a LJ community, because thats where all the kids with all the free time are

Basically the main gist of the website is for someone to wish for something
example: "I wish the bank was open on Sundays."

and the someone posts to that with that granting your wish, but leaving some unfortunate consequences.
Example: granted! The bank is now open on Sundays, bu only Sundays...financial institutions begint o topple one by one as the consummer can never get their banking done and the banks can't handle the overload of customers on their one day a wek they are open. Checkbooks are impossible to balance, companies can't accuratel measure their cash flow, interest is never calculated and added to savings account...we all descend into anarchy and begin using the barter system for all goods.

After someone posts with the unfortunate consequence of your wish being granted they leave something THEY want to wish for at the end of the entry
Example: I wish that a swarm of yellow jackets hadn't taken over my room for the past two weeks.

put the wish you are granting in the entry as the title

And the cycle starts all over again, and (hopefully) never ends, providing us all with an amusing way of avoiding out homework.


since we have ten thousand posts a day, I figure that you can just corrupt the last wish you see posted & even if by the time you hit "post" 14 other people had already corrupted it, its okay, either someone can corrupt multiple wishes in their next post, or just corrupt the last wish they see, this comm is really more for something to keep yourself occupied while you can't sleep, or are home from school, or are at work & dead bored.

punkrockerasia being simply amazing made us this banner

So get your promote on
and please please make some banners for promoting, you can email them to onedollarfourtyseven@yahoo.com or comment them on my personal livejournal (make_a_case)
don't let my lack of computer skills make this community look shabby!